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  1. Requirements for Registering a Trademark - There are many requirements for registering a trademark which are all satisfied if the trademark application is properly prepared. The following are the requirements and steps to getting a trademark.

  2. Benefits of Registering a Trademark - There are numerous benefits to registering a trademark and utilizing the trademark services of a lawyer.

  3. The Role of a Trademark Lawyer - A trademark lawyer is pivotal in providing trademark services such as choosing a trademark slogan, reviewing a trademark search, and drafting the trademark application.

  4. Timeline for Registering A Trademark - A trademark lawyer should already have reviewed a trademark search before drafting the trademark application. Approximately four months after the trademark filing, a trademark lawyer from the Trademark Office will issue a determination on the trademark application.

  5. Creating a Protectable and Marketable Trademark - One of the first issues to consider when forming a company is choosing a trademark that is both marketable and protectable.

  6. Reforming Trademark Law to Reflect the Internet Economy - This article examines the many changes in trademark laws that have occurred since the Internet Age but have not been reflected in the trademark filing system.

  7. Choosing a Trademark Attorney - Article that examines how important a role your trademark lawyer plays in determining whether your trademark application matures to a trademark registration.

  8. Trademark Law Basics - An extensive outline summary about the fundamentals of trademark law.

  9. Trademark Registration Benefits - There are innumerable benefits that a United States trademark registration provides. . .

  10. Brand Building - Company Logo Collection - Articles that examines how having a common logo design theme will help increase the strength of the trademark logo while also creating corporate identity.

  11. Designing a Company Logo - Creating a company logo is one of the most important stages in building brand awareness. . .

  12. The Cost of Free Design Logos - Explores how free design logos have a great cost in lessening the likelihood of your trademark application becoming a trademark registration.

  13. How to Trademark a Logo - Examines the many concerns a trademark attorney must address to turn a trademark logo to a trademark registration.

  14. Trademark Search Options - A trademark name search should be undertaken before one considers filing a trademark application. . .

  15. Trademark Registration in California - Brief comparison of California trademark application vs. United States trademark application. This same analysis can generally be applied to other state trademark registrations.

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