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Trademark FAQs

List of frequently asked questions about tradmarks. Click on the question to find a detailed answer.

  1. Do I need to be using my trademark to register it? - See the difference between an Intent-to-Use application vs. a use-based application.

  2. What is a trademark? - A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, design, or a combination thereof, which. . .

  3. How is trademark protection different from copyright and patent protection? - See what makes a trademark different from copyright and patent protection.

  4. Why register a trademark? - Explore the benefits of registering a trademark.

  5. What is required for filing a federal trademark application? - Summary of what is required by the USPTO for filing a trademark.

  6. How long does it take for trademark registration? - Learn about the steps involved from trademark application to trademark registration.

  7. What kinds of trademarks can be registered? - There are four main kinds of trademarks. . .

  8. What kinds of trademarks cannot be registered? - Discussion about generic, surname, geographical, scandalous, and deceptive applications for trademarks.

  9. How long does trademark protection last? - Unlike copyrights and patents, trademark rights can last indefinitely

  10. How do I use the TM, SM and Registered symbols? - Find out when it is appropriate to use the various TM, SM and ® symbols.

  11. Does registering my corporate name with the state provide trademark protection? - No, this merely notifies. . .

  12. Can an Internet domain name function as and be registered as a trademark? - An Internet domain name can function as a trademark when it is being used to. . .

  13. How can I check the status of my trademark? - The USPTO makes easy to check the status of a trademark. . .

  14. Is there a worldwide trademark? - No, but it is possible to file one application for a group of countries. . .

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